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Water price

If you are an avid footballer You will give this information Water price today so you can’t miss it at all. Because this is what makes many gamblers next to one fall I can believe that many of you may look at only a small thing but will say that It’s not as small as you think at all.

It is also important that Should never forget that To conclude, how important it is Today we have the answer for you. There are 4 types of UFABET water bills.

  1. ID is the Indonesian water price. The Indonesian water price is the price to calculate how much to bet. To get that profit. For example, if you want to get 100 money, press bet 100 and then the system will calculate how much you lose

Can choose how much money is needed.

Disadvantages, if broken, will lose a lot. ลิเวอร์พูล

  1. EU is the European water price, the European water price will be calculated as the total cost. For example, the price of 2.25 bet of 100, if correct, will get 225 baht, but if lost, will lose full.

The pros and cons are the same as the Hong Kong water price. The only difference is in the European way.

  1. HK is Hong Kong’s odds. Hong Kong odds are not red like Malaysian prices. For example, a 1.16 bet of 100 baht will receive 116 baht, but if losing, the bet will lose 100 baht.

Advantages are eligible for more money than the bet.

Hong Kong price is not small Only full

  1. MY is the water price for Malaysia, the water price for Malaysia Divided into two types, called red water prices and black water prices

1.1 The red water price will be a red negative number Or sometimes called a negative price
How to calculate the price of red water. If betting red water at -0.92 in the amount of 100 baht, if correct, will receive 100 baht. If losing, will lose only 92 baht. In short, if winning, will receive money equal to the bet, but losing will follow. Water price

1.2 Black water prices will be black numbers
How to calculate the price of black water.

The advantage is that it can save the capital.

The disadvantage is that there is less profit.

So you can see that Water prices are truly important. Thinking of placing a bet next time You should not miss it and must be calculated in the next game.

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