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Football betting website If thinking of gambling online We recommend this game, the dice that have been trending in trend for many years. Even in the olden days, our grandparents have continued to play until today. Which must be said that the game is worth playing As well as allowing us to concentrate more intellectually and concentrate on the analytical thinking Which will benefit you a lot Will make you watch the game out Can bet Hi-Lo Without paying free money โปรโมชั่น Asian games that gamblers are interested all over the world, not even the European zone with the 3 dice that are shaken to predict whether the total points will be high or low. Even – odd or even predict the total number of points that will receive more than 50 times the prize money. How to play in the Hi-Lo game, there will be 3 dice, each with 1 – 6 points. Predict what the number will be issued. Or how much points There is a board for us to bet. Which has a lot of betting styles And various payment prices Please study carefully before playing for real. When we know how to play Next, we study the payment rates as follows

  • Low bet: There will be a payout rate of 1 to 1, with a greater chance of coming out. Must win the dice together 4-10
  • High bet: will have a payout rate of 1 to 1, with a greater chance of coming out Will have to expect the dice to combine 11-17
  • Double bet: the payout rate will be 1 to 1. Once you have placed your bet, you will be able to easily win the dice.
  • Odd betting: The payout odds are 1 to 1, once you have placed your bets, you can simply win the dice, resulting in odd numbers.
    -Tang Tong for specific numbers, such as 666, with the least chance There will be a payout rate of 1 per 150 after betting has been made.
  • Tong Tong, numbers 1-6, issued 111,222,333,444,555,666 Any face With a payout rate of 1 to 24 after betting
  • Teng numbers such as 5 out of 3, 5 out of 3 points With a payout rate of 1 to 1 after betting
  • Bet the number 5, score 5 points, two of three goals With a payout ratio of 1 to 2 once the bet has been placed โปรโมชั่นลดราคา

Bet the number 5 out of 5 points. All three balls have a payout rate of 1 to 3.

Double stake in, for example 5-5. Two identical numbers are issued as in 5-5- bet? With a payout rate of 1: 8 after betting

Bet in guessing two numbers, two numbers different. For example, 1-3 of the three balls have points 1-3-? With a payout rate of 1 to 5 after betting has been placed

This bet has a total of 15 forms such as (1,2) or (2,3).

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